mandiri mobile

Mandiri mobile is a banking mobile service on a smartphone (Blackberry, Android, and iPhone) with an attractive menu display and user-friendly. Through mandiri mobile, you can make financial (transfer, payment, purchase, etc), and non-financial (balance check, transaction history check, etc) payment including information for branch/ATM, exchange rate and the other fascinating features.

To use this service, you only activate mandiri sms service, and then download mandiri mobile application. You can download this application on Blackberry App World, App Store and Google Play. For Blackberry and Android smartphone users, the mandiri mobile application may be downloadable by texting reg mobile and send to 3355. After that, you click link shown in the sms reply from 3355.

Conditions of mandiri mobile services:

  • Mandiri mobile may be downloaded by customer/non-customer
  • For the customer/non-customer wishes to make transaction must have personal mandiri account or business mandiri account or mandiri check as well as registered as a user of mandiri sms services.  
  • To enjoy the services, a customer must download the mandiri mobile application via sms registration, or at the official site of Bank Mandiri or official application download services of Bank Mandiri’s partners such as App Store, Blackberry App World and Google Play.
  • Mandiri mobile application may only be effective for one SIM card (cell phone number) has been registered and one handset/cell telephone devices/table computer (excluding iPad) which has been used for downloading application.
  • Cost
  • Cost for mandiri mobile services is a cost for (3G/GPRS/WIFI) data as determined by each telecommunication service provider including transaction fee subjected by the service provider.
    For iPhone handset, cost for SMS of OTP request (one-time password) is at Rp. 500,- per sms received. The OTP SMS is a unique 6-digits number applied only for 1 (one) transaction. 
  • To non-activate the services temporarily (by deleting mandiri mobile application) or permanently (by non-activating mandiri sms user).

Information Menu & Transaction

  1. Menu on transaction for inter Bank Mandiri’s account transfer
  2. Menu on transaction for inter Bank – SKN transfer
  3. Menu on transaction for inter Bank – Online transfer
  4. Menu on transaction for Purchasing Pulse reload
  5. Menu of transaction for bill payment
  6. Menu on My Favourite
  7. Menu on ATM Mandiri/Mandiri’s Branch
  8. Menu on Currency and Interest Rate
  9. Menu on Mailbox
Mandiri Mobile