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Enjoy the convenience of investing in mutual funds according to your needs.


Mutual Fund Selling Agent

A Mutual fund is a vehicle for pooling public funds for investment in a portfolio of securities managed by a fund manager.

Bank Mandiri is registered as a Mutual Fund Agent by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) under Registration Certificate No. 07/BL/STTD/APERD/2007, dated 21 February 2007


Fund Manager

A Fund Manager is responsible for managing an investment portfolio for its investors or managing a collective investment portfolio for a group of investors, except for insurance companies, pension funds, and banks that manage their own businesses based on the applicable laws and regulations. Bank Mandiri works together with 9 (nine) Fund Managers:

  1. PT Bahana TCW Investment Management
  2. PT Batavia Prosperindo Aset Manajemen
  3. PT Danareksa Investment Management
  4. PT BNP Paribas Investment Partners
  5. PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi
  6. PT Manulife Aset Manajemen Indonesia
  7. PT Schroder Investment Management Indonesia
  8. PT Ashmore Asset Management Indonesia
  9. PT Kresna Asset Management

Custodian Bank

A Custodian Bank provides custodian service for securities and other assets related to securities, as well as other services, including processing payments of dividends and interest, etc, settling securities transactions, and representing its customer accountholders.


Mutual Fund Agent (APERD)

A Mutual Fund Agent sells shares in a mutual fund based on an agreement with the Fund Manager.


Mutual Fund Agent Sales Representative (WAPERD)

A Mutual Fund Agent Sales Representative is an individual licensed by the OJK to sell Mutual Funds.


Endowment Fund

An Endowment Fund is a balanced investment vehicle whose income must be used for specific not-for-profit purposes, such as natural disaster relief, environmental conservation, and religious, cultural, educational and other not-for-profit activities.