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Investment & Insurance (ORI & Sukuk Retail)

(It's time) Enjoy retail government bonds from us.


Retail State Bond (ORI) "let's build the nation's economy together with sukuk retail"


Sukuk Ritel "let's build the nation's economy together with sukuk retail"

Bank Mandiri as a Sales Agent in Principal Market, provides retail State Bond product, such as: Retail State Bond (ORI) and State Retail Syariah Securities (Sukuk Ritel). Appointment of Bank Mandiri as Sales Agent is stipulated by the Government.

ORI and Retail Sukuk order BUYIN IN Principal Market can only be done by a Indoensian citizen individual proved by Identitiy Card, which is still valid, with minimum, double, and maximum buying stipulation decided by the Government based on Information memorandum every ORI and Retail Sukuk release.

ORI and Sukuk Ritel buying or selling in the Secondary Market can be done by in and over the counter mechanism.

ORI and Retail Sukuk trade with in counter mechanism is done by the investor by proposing buying/selling interest to Indonesian Stock Exchange. If there is a price commensuration between seller and buyer investor, selling transaction can be done through in counter mechanism.

Over the Counter transaction is done by investor by doing collective price negosiation with with selelr or buyer candidate or ORI and Retail Sukuk buyer. Then, Bank Mandiri (through Consumer Banking Treasury Department Wealth Management Group) or the appointed stock company will finish ORI and Retail Sukuk transaction.