Mandiri E-Biz Card Loan


Plastic card for debtor who are approved for Working Capital Credit facility as a means to withdraw credit for purchasing/redeeming certain products in designated places.

Product Benefit

  1. Smooth: Business cash flow is unhampered
  2. Efficient: Low transaction cost
  3. Safe: No cash involved & PIN based
  4. Simple: Facilitate transaction & Fast
  5. Effective: Supported by Bank Mandiri ON LINE technology

E-Biz Card Features

  1. No cash withdrawal or transfer from any channel in Working Capital Credit (WCC) facility.
  2. Unlimited daily transaction.
  3. Notification letter informing of mininum amount of installment to be paid are sent every end of the month.
  4. PIN changes are done in Mandiri ATM.

More Information

For further information regarding our products, please contact Call Mandiri at 14000, or click here to contact our Commercial Banking Center.

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