Terms and Conditions


  1. Mandiri Internet is Mandiriís distribution channel for accessing account owned by customer through internet network using browser software on computer.
  2. Mandiri is PT THE BANK MANDIRI (PERSERO) Tbk which includes Main Office and branch offices as well as any other offices as inseparable part of PT THE BANK MANDIRI (PERSERO) Tbk.
  3. Customer is individual owner of saving account in Rupiah currency in the forms of Rupiah Giro and Mandiri Saving.
  4. User customer is customer who is listed as Mandiri Internet Ser vice user.
  5. Account List is Rupiah account number in whole branches owned by Customer in Mandiri that has been registered and therefore can be accessed by User Customer.
  6. User ID is identity owned by each Customer to be entered every time Mandiri Internet service is used.
  7. Mandiri Internet PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a classified personal identification number and is thus knowned only by User Customer and must b e entered by User Customer every time Mandiri Internet service is used. Together with User ID, PIN is used to verify that relevant customer is customer eligible to access Mandiri Internet service.

Mandiri Internet Registration Terms

  1. Customer fills and signs Mandiri Internet and Mandiri SMS application forms available in Branch offices and Mandiri Mandiri website (www.the Bankmandiri.co.id).
  2. To reveal verified genuine self-identity card (ID card, driving license, passport, Temporary Stay Permit Card (KIMS)) and account holder ownership evidence.
  3. Each individual as joint account holder should respectively fill Mandiri Internet and Mandiri SMS application forms and thereby owns different User ID and PIN.
  4. Customer should possess E-mail address.
  5. User Customer has owned Access ID and Access PIN delivered by Mandiri for the purpose of activation in Mandiri Internet website.
  6. Customer has both read and understood Mandiri Internet Terms and Conditions.
  7. Customer can also apply for Mandiri Internet registration through Mandiri ATM using Mandiri card.

Mandiri Internet Usage Conditions

  1. User Customer can use Mandiri Internet service to access informations and or conduct the Banking transaction determined already by the Mandiri.
  2. By the first time Mandiri Internet service is used, the User Customer is encouraged to activate on Mandiri Internet website by entering access ID and access PIN delivered by the Bank to be modified into Mandiri Internet User ID and PIN.
  3. For each transaction commitment:
    • User Customer is obliged to ensure the transaction order accuracy and completeness (including ensuring that all needed data for transaction has been filled completely and correctly). Mandiri is irresponsible for any impact that may emerge due to neglection, incompleteness, unclearness, or inaccuracy of order/data entered by the User Customer.
    • The User Customer is entitled for opportunity to re-check and or cancel data that is entered already on confirmation phase automatically conducted by system before approval sign appears as regulated below:
      • If the entered data has been ensured its correctness and completeness, then the User Customer is obliged to enter PIN on available column on Mandiri Internet transaction page.
  4. Any transaction ordered to Mandiri and approved by the User Customer can not be cancelled.
  5. Every order approved by the User Customer kept in the Bankís data center is correct data received as order evidence instructed by User customer to Mandiri for committing transaction in question.
  6. Mandiri receives and runs every order entered by Customer as valid order based on user ID and PIN usage and the Bank thereby has no obligation to investigate or observe both originality and validity or the authorization of User ID and PIN user or to judge or prove both accuracy and correctness of the order in question, and the order therefore is approved to bind User customer as it should be, unless the User customer can instead prove the contrary.
  7. Mandiri is entitled to neglect the order entered by the User Customer, if:
    • User Customerís balance position in the Bank is insufficient.
    • Mandiri recognizes or acknowledges the reasons to presumably consider the potential fraud or criminal commitment to have or be committed.
  8. As the evidence that transaction ordered by User Customer has been successfully committed by Mandiri, User Customer will own transaction evidence in the form of transaction number on Mandiri Internet transaction page and the evidence will be kept in transaction activity page for 3 (three) months since the date of transaction.
  9. User Customer approves and acknowledges that:
    • By committing transaction through Mandiri Internet, all orders and communications entered by User Customer which is received by Mandiri will be treated as valid evidence although no written document is made or signed document is issued.
    • Evidence for order entered by User Customer to Mandiri and every communication means between Mandiri and the User Customer sent electronically that is kept in Mandiriís data center and or kept in the forms of information keeping and any other data in the Bank, such as written document, notes, tape/cartridge, computer print out and or copy, are valid evidence that is undeniable for their validity, correctness or originality.
  10. With its own consideration, Mandiri is entitled to modify transaction limit.
  11. All communications through secured and standard-complied e-mail are regarded valid, authentic, original, and correct and deliver the same effects as if conducted through written form and or through written documents.
  12. Mandiri is not obliged to conduct every order either both signed and un-signed or answer any question received through unsecured e-mail. The customer is recommended not to send their classified informations through unsecured e-mail.
  13. Mandiri is entitled to discontinue Mandiri Internet ser vice either for temporary or termed period determined by Mandiri for the purpose of updating, maintaining, or for other purposes with any reason considered good by Mandiri, and Mandiri therefore is not obliged to be accountable to anyone.

Mandiri Internet User ID and PIN:

  1. User ID and PIN are classified codes and its authorized usage lies upon User Customer. User ID is fixed and unchangeable.
  2. The Customer is obliged to secure Mandiri Internet User ID and PIN by:
    • Telling none the Mandiri Internet User ID and PIN.
    • Avoiding writing down the Mandiri Internet PIN on paper or keeping it in the written forms or any keeping means allowing to reveal.
    • Erasing as quickly the Mandiri Internet Access ID and PIN Mailer after receiving it as possible.
    • Carefully using Mandiri Internet User ID and PIN, thus preventing it to be revealed.
    • Regularly modifying Mandiri Internet PIN periodically.
  3. In the case the Customer acknowledges or presumes User ID and PIN has been revealed by unauthorized people, then the user customer is obliged to immediately secure it by modifying PIN.

If due to one cause the User Customer is unable to modify PIN, then the User customer is obliged to let the Bank know it. Before the written notification is received by authorized the Bank official, then any order, transaction, and communication through User ID and PIN usage by unauthorized parties are fully under User Customerís responsibility.

  1. User ID and PIN usage holds the law force similar to written order signed by User Customer, so the User Customer thereby acknowledges that User ID and PIN usage in every transaction is also authority assignment from the User Customer to Mandiri for conducting transaction including, but not limited to, debiting customer account in order to commit both ordered transaction and transaction cost payment already and or to be determined subsequently by Mandiri.
  2. Any misuse of Mandiri Internet Access ID/User ID and Access PIN/PIN is adherent to User customerís responsibility. User/Customer thereby releases the Bank from any prosecution that may emerge, both from other parties and User Customer itself as the result of Mandiri Internet Access ID/User ID and Access PIN/PIN misuse.

Mandiri Internet Service Access Ceasing

  1. Mandiri Internet Service access will be ceased by the Bank if:
    • User/Customer require the Bank to cease Mandiri Internet service access permanently which among others are caused by:
      • User/Customer has missed their Mandiri Internet Access ID/User ID and or Access PIN/PIN.
      • User/Customer closes all accounts accessible through Mandiri Internet service.
    • Entering incorrect Access PIN/PIN Mandiri Internet for consecutive 3 (three) times.
    • Written notification is received from the user customer concerning assumption or User ID and PIN have been revealed by unauthorized other parties.
    • Mandiri conducts a necessity required by regulation in force.
  2. To re-activate due to aforementioned Service access ceasing, the user customer must contact Mandiri Bank Customer Care or re-register in the branch in which the account is managed.

Force Majeure

User/Customer will release Mandiri from any prosecution in the case the Ban k is unable to process order from the user customer both partly or wholly due to events or causes beyond the power or capability of Mandiri, including, but not limited to, any computer virus interference or Trojan Horse system, or harmful components which can disturb Mandiri Internet service, web browser or computer system of the bank, the customer, or Internet Service Provider, because natural disasters, wars, riots, malfunctioned equipments, system or transmission, electrical disturbance, telecommunication disturbance, government policy, as well as other events or causes beyond the bankís power and capability.


  1. The Evidence of User customer order through Mandiri Internet ser vice is in the form of mutation recorded in newspaper account or Mandiri saving book if printed.
  2. User customer can contact Mandiri Bank Call Centre for every issue related to transaction and Mandiri Internet service access modification.
  3. Mandiri can modify these terms and conditions anytime without prior notice to User customer in any way and any means.
  4. User customer comply to conditions and regulations in force determined by the Bank and account opening and joint account terms, including any modification that will be notified by the Bank through any way and any means.
  5. Authorities included explicitly in these terms and conditions are valid authorities with no limitation as long as the user customer is eligible to access Mandiri Internet service or user customerís other obligations still remain to the bank.