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  • PT. AXA Mandiri Financial Services is a joint venture life insurance company between PT. Bank Mandiri (Corporate), Ltd. and National Mutual International Pty. Ltd. Part of Group, and starts operating in Indonesia since December 2003
  • Insurance products and AMFS unit links that are marketed through Bank Mandiri branches nowadays are Wealth Mandiri Investment or Mandiri Investasi Sejahtera (MIS), Wealth Mandiri Planning or Mandiri Rencana Sejahtera (MRS), Wealth Mandiri Life or Mandiri Jiwa Sejahtera (MJS)
  • These products are not published/guaranteed by Bank Mandiri
  • Investment value is unit value by using unit buying price in the next day. Unit value can be changed sometimes. The value depends on the selected investment performance and on the investment risk.
  • Past Investment fund performance is not an indicator for the future.
  • Policy Holder Investment Result is not guaranteed. All risks, lost, and benefit from the investment will fully become Policy Holder’s responsibility. Thus, buyer candidate has to read and understand provisions in the brochure and proposal before invest.
  • This information only describes general information and not a contract or guarantee of investment’s performance. The correct terms and condition regarding the product is explained more thoroughly in police contract.

Two Power Synergy

PT AXA Mandiri Financial Services (AXA Mandiri) is a new joint venture company between PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk (49% share) and AXA (51% share) which runs Bancassurance business. Bancassurance is a term which means insurance product marketing through a bank’s network. AXA Mandiri has started its operation since Desember 2003.

Built from two powerful synergy, AXA Mandiri steadily runs its business in Indoensia. As the biggest bank in Indonesia, Bank Mandiri has managing asset more than Rp 300 trillion and gains benefit more than Rp 3,5 trillion. With network more than 1000 branches all over Indoensia and 6 overseas branches, Bank Mandiri now serves more than 7 million customers. Meanwhile, as one of the biggest life insurance company in the world (Fortune Global 500, Juli 2008 ) established in 1816 in Framce, AXA has managed assets under management for more than 1,3 trillion Euro with revenue more than 90 billion Euro until the end of 2007. Nowadays, AXA serves more than 65 million customers around the world. Sinergy from the bigegst life insurance company in the world and the biggest bank in Indoensia has resulted a steady power, management commitment, and strong capital for AXA Mandiri.

AXA Mandiri has successfully consolidated its position by earning the best Life Insurance award based on Investor Magazine version in 2007 with asset category above 1 to 5 trillion rupiah, and also an EXCELLENT award from Info Bank magazine in 2008 with category asset above 1 trillion rupiah. Until December 2007, AXA Mandiri new premium total revenue both from individual and group business has reached Rp 2,2 trillion and RBC AXA Mandiri reached 882%.

AXA Mandiri will step by step be implemented by placing professional Financial Advisors in Bank Mandiri branches. Started in December 2003 by only 40 Financial Advisors in 20 Bank Mandiri branches in Jakarta, now AXA Mandiri has placed professional Financial Advisors in more than 1000 Bank Mandiri branches all over Indonesia.

Additional Value Products

Through additional value product which complementing product offered by Bank Mandiri, AXA Mandiri gives solution for customers financial needs. AXA Mandiri provides combination product between insurance and investment which is called unit-linked, which are Mandiri Investasi Sejahtera and Mandiri Rencana Sejahtera. Besides that, there is a pure life insurance which is Mandiri Jiwa Sejahtera. Besides these three basic products, AXA Mandiri also provides additional benefits which are Accident Protection, Health Protection, Premium Payment Protection and Protection towards critical illness. AXA Mandiri also gives protection segmented to each customer. For business group, AXA Mandiri provides Mandiri Protection product which gives protection for Mandiri Visa credit card holder, and also life insurance protection for Loan Consumer customer.

AXA Mandiri will always try to give solution and the precise and the best financial service because “AXA Mandiri truly understands how investment means to you.”

The First Bancassurance Academy in Asia

AXA Mandiri needs professional and expert human resources, thus the first Bancassurance Academy in Asia aiming to give comprehensive and thorough training either for AXA Mandiri sales, as well as Bank Mandiri staff. Thus, they would be expert needed in finance to ensure that customer get a suitable financial service based on necessity.

With a rather strong financial support, experience in Life Insurance, added value product, and professional human resources, AXA Mandiri step by step starts to step ahead to realize its vision into “Number One Financial and Wealth Management Provider Company in Indonesia.”

For further information, please visit AXA Mandiri Financial Advisor Services (AMFS) at the nearest Bank Mandiri branch, or please call AMFS Customer Care Centre at:
Telephone no : 021 3005 8788
Fax no : 021 3005 7800
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