Mandiri Mitrakarya

Mandiri Mitrakarya Is a credit facility that is given to employees who channel their salaries through Bank Mandiri and the companies must have partnership agreement with Bank Mandiri

This credit facility can be used for various needs such as :

  • Personal Loan
  • House Ownership Program
  • Multifunction Credit with house as collateral (Mitraguna)

Benefit :

  • Competitive rate.
  • Low installment.
  • Low Credit Fee.
  • Flexible tenor.
  • Simple document requirements.

Requirements :

  • Minimum age 21 years and maximum before the retiring age at the end of credit term
  • Service year for permanent employee min. 1 year
  • Salary is channeled through Bank Mandiri
  • Minimum Salary Rp 2 million

Mandiri KTA Mitra (Mandiri Personal Loan)

One of the leading products of Mitrakarya Mandiri is Mitrakarya Mandiri Tanpa Agunan which has the following advantages:

  • Competitive rate and lower than regular KTA (Personal Loan)
  • Credit term up to 5 years
  • Credit limit up to 200 million
  • For some companies, employees who have channeled their salaries through Bank Mandiri could get credit limit / loan amount up to Rp. 350 milion and loan term up until 10 years
  • Simple document requirements, only attaching the following documents:
Type of document
Original Application Form to be completed
Copy of Applicants ID Card (KTP)
ID Card
Copy of NPWP /Tax Return (SPT)

More Information

For further information please contact Mandiri Call 14000 or the nearest Branch or Telesales 021 3002-3001. Or Click here to contact our Customer Service Representatives.