Mandiri Saving

Enjoy the Easiness and Comfort of Our Services


  • Only with Rp 500.000,00 initial deposit, now you can own Mandiri Saving account.
  • Account opening, deposit or withdrawal of saving funds can be executed through all Bank Mandiri branches.
  • You will have Mandiri Debit, a card will provide a wide-range of usages, functioning as an ATM Card as well as a debit card useful for shopping and other payments at the merchants bearing VISA logo, domestic of overseas.
  • Can be used in millions ATM bearing Plus/VISA/Visa Electron logos in Indonesia or throughout the world, and at the ATM BERSAMA or LINK ATM, as well as at Mandiri ATM throughout Indonesia.

Comfortable in Transaction

  • Mandiri SMS, Mandiri Internet and Mandiri Call facilities will provide you extra comfort in making transactions wherever and whenever you want, so you can manage your time more flexible.
  • Weekend Banking services on Saturday and Sunday at certain our branches will provide opportunities for those who are not able to make transactions at the Branch on business days caused by their business.


  • Every Mandiri Saving customer will get fiestapoin loyalty rewards given from the average balance and transactions performed through e-banking or branches. fiestapoin can be redeemed against gifts such as gadget, vehicle, shopping voucher, cellphone prepaid top-up voucher, and also exchanged with discounts or free products in the partner store/merchant.


  • Autodebit service, Autodebit service will help you in making payments for your monthly routine bills such as clean water, electricity, telephone, handphone, credit card or other bills automatically every month to avoid you from arrears bills.
  • Automatic Fund Transfer (AFT) service, AFT service will make your life more comfortable by providing more easiness in making routine funds transfers automatically to your family or business partners without worrying any forgotten liabilities.


  • Initial deposit at least Rp. 500,000.00
  • ID card:
    • Indonesian Citizen: Residential Card/KTP*
    • Foreigner: Passport and KIMS/KITAS/KITAP
  • Subject to monthly administration charges

Notes (*) :

  • Residential Card (KTP) DKI Jakarta can be used for opening an account in all Bank Mandiri branches within DKI Jakarta area.
  • Non-DKI Jakarta Residential Card (KTP) can only be used for opening the Mandiri Bank account at the Bank Mandiri operating within the jurisdiction of the relevant Government issuing such Residential Card (KTP).
  • If you desire to open Saving account outside your Residential Card (KTP) jurisdiction, you will be required to attach these documents:
    • Certificate of Domicile, or
    • Certificate of Employment