FAQ Mandiri Mobile


What is mandiri mobile?

Mandiri mobile is an e-banking service for financial and non-financial transaction by using transaction and display menu, the application of which must be previously downloaded using cell phone handset / tablet computer and 3G/GPRS/WIF technology.

What are benefits by using mandiri mobile?

  • Provide customers with more visible menu system, user-friendly and attractive display for doing transaction.
  • Accessible anywhere and anytime through cell phone or tablet computer.
  • Cost-effective and faster, providing by My Favorite menu that can store customer’s transaction data and make transaction process faster.
  • Personalized, each customer may select personal photo in the main menu.
  • Safe, it requires password or secret identity to login application.
  • Easy registration process with several mechanisms for application download.

How do I use mandiri mobile service?

  • Customer may register to download mandiri mobile service through:
    • Texting Reg Mobile to 3355
    • Visiting Bank Mandiri’s Website at www.bankmandiri.co.id
    • Using Bank Mandiri’s Partner official application download such as Blackberry App World, App Store, Android Market
  • If the application has been downloaded, customer must create password or secret identity to be used when login in to the application
  • For using financial transaction application, customer must be registered as an active mandiri sms user as the authorization of mandiri mobile transaction using mandiri sms PIN.
  • For customers using i-Phone, besides mandiri sms PIN, it is also required with OTP (one time password) SMS. The OTP SMS is a unique 6-digits number applied only for 1 (one) transaction. The OTP will be sent to inbox and to show pop-up message in OTTP, a customer must login in to setting notification menu on iPhone.

What are the requirements for downloading mandiri mobile application through certain cell phone or table computer?

All cell phones (including smartphone) and tablet computers having 3G/GPRS/WIFI facilities, Java-enabled, and symbian, windows and android-based. The services are only available for smartphone with Blackberry, iPhone and Android platform with the following Operating System requirements:


OS 4.6

OS 5

OS 6

OS 7

OS 10

Curve 529
Curve 8529
Curve 9300
Curve 9360
Bold 9000
Curve 8900
Curve 9920
Curve 9380
Bold 9700
Curve 9315
Bold 9790
Curve 9320
Torch 9810
Bold 9700
Torch 9860
Bold 9780
Bold 9900
Torch 9800
Porsche 9981



  • iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6 and iOS 7


  • OS 2.1, OS 2.2 and OS 2.3
  • OS 3.2
  • OS 4.0, OS 4.0.1, OS 4.1, OS 4.1.1, OS 4.1.2, OS 4.2, OS 4.2.1, OS 4.2.2 and OS 4.3

* if handphone type and/or OS can not support, when downloading customer will receive message “the type or operating system of your handphone is not supported to access this services. Please Call Mandiri 14000 or (021) 52997777


Who can use mandiri mobile services?

  • All Bank Mandiri’s customers having saving account or personal current account and have been registered as mandiri sms user.
  • All Bank Mandiri’s non-customer, but only limited to mandiri mobile general menu and can not login in to transaction menu. If you are not registered yet as Bank Mandiri’s customer, it is advised that you register as an mandiri sms active user to the nearest branch for using the full-service of mandiri mobile.

What is the mandiri sms user?

All Bank Mandiri’s customers who are registered as mandiri sms user through both ATM and/or branch allow making financial transaction with mandiri sms.

Why do I have to register first as mandiri sms user before I am able to make transaction in mandiri mobile services?

for the sake of safety, each financial transaction is required to be authorized by PIN. The PIN used is the same PIN with the PIN as used in the mandiri sms so customer is able to make transaction through texting SMS channel or STK.

How do I know if I have finished downloading mandiri mobile application?

After finished downloading mandiri mobile application, follow the instruction shown in cell phone or tablet computer for next step until appears the general menu of mandiri mobile or login page.

What will I do if I forgot my mandiri mobile’s password? May I ask the password back to Bank Mandiri?

Login password is strictly confidential and may not be disclosed to everyone. The password will be automatically blocked if a customer enters an incorrect password for 3 times. A customer is required to re-activate mandiri mobile services.

How is mechanism of mandiri mobile registration via SMS to 3355?

After sending SMS reg mobile to 3355, a customer will receive link that have to be clicked for processing application download.

How about if link from 3355 can not be clicked and used?

The sent link is a unique and different link for each registration and applies only for 1 use. The link will be expired if it has been used for 3 clicks or exceeds time limit of 3 hours after received by a customer. A customer is suggested to send a request for new registration to 3355.

Why if I change SIM card (with a different number) in the cell phone has been downloaded by mandiri mobile services, it can not be used?

For the safety of customers, mandiri mobile services may be only used for 1 (one) registered SIM card with 1 (one) registered cell phone when downloading mandiri mobile application. If a customer wishes to change its cell phone, it is suggested that they re-download first the application.

What transactions covered by mandiri mobile?

A customer, before login, may access the general menu of mandiri mobile for the following:

  • List of ATM and Branch location.
  • Information of exchange rate and interest rate.
  • Mandiri call 14000, direct access for mandiri call 14000.
  • Demo to see sample mandiri mobile transaction .
  • Setting to change login password, language, connection options, displays, and application font size.

After login in to mandiri mobile services, a customer may choose from transaction menu for the following:

  1. Standard feature to access account such as inter-account transfer, balance inquiry, to see the last 5 (five) transactions and to change PIN
  2. Payment and purchase of :
    • Telephone bill: Telkom, kartu Halo, Matrix, IM3 Bright, XL/Xplor, Esia, FREN and etc.
    • Pulse reload: Simpati, Mentari, IM3, Smart, Esia, XL/Bebas, FREN, and etc.
    • Credit Card: Bank Mandiri, Citibank, HSBC, Standard Chartered, RBS, ANZ, etc
    • General Utilities and Other Utilities: PLN, PAM, PBB, Education, Insurance, Internet/Cable TV, Installment, Airplane/Train Ticket, etc.
    • Administration: change of mandiri sms PIN, change of transfer list, inbox.

What transactions may be stored in my Favorite menu in a mobile mandiri services?

Transaction data can be stored in my Favorite menu is for the following:

  • Transfer: inter-account transfer and inter-bank transfer
  • Regular bill: telephone, PLN, PAM, PBB, credit card, cable tv, internet, insurance and the other regular bills.
  • Pulse reload

How to check whether a transaction made through mandiri mobil has been successful?

After a customer enters PIN mandiri sms for transaction authorization, next screen will show notification If the transaction has been successful. If a customer wishes to check details of transaction history that has been successful, a customer can see it on inbox menu. Method to access inbox menu is as follows: enter main menu, then choose admin and after that select inbox.
Cara mengakses menu kotak pesan: masuk menu utama, kemudian pilih admin, kemudian pilih kotak pesan.

Is the transaction receipt in inbox may be sent as evidence of transaction to other person? ?

Yes it is, a customer may send transaction receipt to other person by including the designated handphone number. SMS delivery charges will be borne by sending customer at cost as incurred by each telecommunication service provider.

What should I do if there is a trouble when making transaction?

A transaction receipt will be always stored in handset until customer carry out the following actions:

  • Deletion for transaction receipt stored through delete menu or delete all menu.
  • Re-installment for new mandiri mobile services so that the stored transaction receipt will be deleted.

Why I can make transaction through mandiri mobile services, while I have successfully made the transaction before?

A customer is requested to consider the following questions:

  • Have the customer entered the mandiri SMS PIN correctly for transaction authorization?
  • Have the customer made a transaction exceeds the limit of mandiri sms daily transaction?
  • Have the customer inputted the data correctly?

If the above questions have been considered properly, it is advised that the customer waits for a moment and retry mandiri mobile services, which is possibly caused by communication network trouble.

How much daily transaction limit if use mandiri mobile services?

Limit for mandiri mobile transaction is as follows:



Limit (Rp) / day





Non-credit card payment



Credit card payment



  • Bank Mandiri Credit Card
  • Other Bank Credit Card




Pulse reload


The above transaction limit applies accumulatively for all banking mobile channel accessed by a customer namely mandiri sms (text and STK), mandiri mobile, mandiri sms *141*6#

How much does it costs if use mandiri mobile services?

Cost for using mandiri mobile services is a cost for (3G/GPRS/WIFI) data payable depends on data services used by customer and transaction cost according to services from each partner. For iPhone user, there will be an additional cost for SMS, sending OTP SMS at Rp. 500,-/SMS.

May I change the font size of mandiri mobile? How can I change the font size of mandiri mobile?

Yes, a customer may change the font size of mandiri mobile by choosing the available font on the font change menu.
To access menu: enter general menu (login page), choose setting menu and choose the menu change font.

May I change the language used in mandiri mobile menu?

Yes, a customer may change the language used in mandiri mobile with preference Indonesian or English available in language change menu.

How do I delete or non-activate mandiri mobile application?

A customer may carry out the following actions:

  • Delete application through setting menu or the application available in each cell phone or tablet computer.
  • Report to mandiri call 14000 to non-activate mandiri mobil application temporarily or permanently through mechanism for deletion / mandisi sms services blocking

What should we do if there is a trouble when making transaction?

Immediately report it to mandiri call at line 14000 or 021-52997777 by submitting relevant data.

Who is the contact person for inquiring question on mechanism of using mandiri mobile services?

A customer may call mandiri call at line 14000 or 021-52997777



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