Loan for Bio Energy Program and Plantation Revitalization (KKPN-RP)

Plantation Revitalization

Efforts in accelerating the development of people’s plantations through expansion, renovation and rehabilitation of crops and supported by bank investment loan and interest subsidized by the government by involving the company in the field of plantation business as development partner in developing the field, processing and marketing the produce.

Requirements :

  • Requirements of core company :
    • Posesses a Plantation Permit and business permits according to the prevailing stipulations (SIUP, IUP, TDP, NPWP etc.)
    • Experienced in the business of plantation
    • Willing to become an avalis (corporate guarantee)
    • Has a cooperation agreement with cooperatives
    • Fulfills the technical bank requirements
    • Presents a Feasibility Study
    • Appointed by the Dir. Gen. of Plantation (Dirjenbun) as a Business Partner based on recommendations from the 1st and 2nd levels of Plantations Service (Disbun)
  • Cooperative Requirements :
    • Possesses a legal body
    • Cooperative and Management are not included in black-list and non-performing loans
    • Possesses a Core Company business partner.
  • Requirements for Farmers as Cooperative member:
    • Minimum age of 21 or is married
    • Possesses no loan in arrears
    • Comes from the surrounding community
    • Listed in nominative list stipulated by Regent/Mayor

Loan Features :

  • Commodities that are funded are oil palm and rubber
  • Total land area of at least 2 ha, maximum of 4 ha per farmer
  • Loan ceiling is land area multiplied by cost per hectare
  • Own fund 0%
  • Type of loan is Investment Credit (Kredit Investasi)
  • Interest rate, at most LPS + 5%, interest rate for farmers 10%
  • Collateral is the funded plasma farmers plantation
  • Management of plasma plantation is using 'single management' with a core plantation
  • Loan provision 0%

Benefits :

  • 100% financing from needs
  • Subsidized interest rate during the development period
  • Commission free