Mandiri ATM FAQ

Can I use other bank’s card in Mandiri ATM?

Mandiri ATM’s service is available for the following cards:

  • Mandiri Card (containing Visa and Visa Electron logo) – for all services
  • Mandiri Visa Credit Card – cash withdrawal and bill inquiries
  • Cards with Link logo – Cash withdrawal and inquiries and Inter-Bank Transfer (ATM Bersama)
  • Cards with ATM Bersama logo – Cash withdrawal and inquiries and Inter-Bank Transfer (ATM Bersama)
  • Debet Card with Visa/Plus logo – Cash withdrawal and inquiry
  • Credit Card with Visa/Plus logo – Cash withdrawal and inquiries
  • BSM card – Cash withdrawal, inquiries, PIN maintenance, Zakat payment, transfer

Other than in Mandiri ATM, which other ATMs that Mandiri Card can be used?

Mandiri ATM Card can be used in other bank's ATMs i.e:

  • ATM with Link logo (Cash withdrawal and Inquiry)
  • ATM with ATM Bersama logo (Cash withdrawal, Inquiry and Inter-bank Transfer)
  • ATM with Visa/Plus logo (Cash withdrawal and Inquiry)

What is the fee charged to the customers when Mandiri Card is used in other bank’s ATMs:

  • ATM Link: Cash Withdrawal Rp. 3,000, Inquiry Rp. 2,000
  • ATM Bersama: Cash Withdrawal Rp. 4,000, Inquiry Rp. 1,500, and Transfer Rp. 5,000
  • ATM Visa: Cash Withdrawal Rp. 15,000, Inquiry Rp. 3.000,-

When using Mandiri Card in other ATMs with Link, ATM Bersama and Visa logo, which network fee will be charged to the customers?

If no interruption to the network, the routing priority will be:

  • Link
  • ATM Bersama
  • Visa/Plus

What is the maximum ATM cash withdrawal amount per day per card?

The amount varies among type of cards. For regular card, the maximum amount is Rp. 5 million per day, while for priority card the maximum amount is Rp. 10 million per day.

What is the maximum amount for each withdrawal in Mandiri ATM?

Maximum amount for each withdrawal is:

  • Rp. 500.000,- in ATM with Rp. 20,000 denomination
  • Rp. 1,250,000 in ATM with Rp. 50,000 denomination
  • Rp. 2,500,000 in ATM with Rp. 100,000 denomination

The rule of thumb is 25 banknotes for each withdrawal.

How to withdraw up to the limit in ATMs with Rp. 50,000 and Rp. 100,000 denominations, because the amount options available in the screen are only Rp. 1,000,000 and Rp. 2,000,000?

Please choose Other Amount option in the screen (not quick withdrawal options)

Which menu should I use if I want to take the cash in one withdrawal?

Please choose Quick Cash Menu (by choosing the required amount)

Which menu to choose for multiple withdrawals or for amounts not listed on the Quick Withdrawal menu?

Choose Other Amount menu options, because with Quick Withdrawal menu, the card will be ejected after one withdrawal has been completed. Also for Other Amounts withdrawal, you can choose any amounts according to your needs.

What is the fee to pay the bills or purchase in Mandiri ATM?

No fees will be charged for all payment transactions in Mandiri ATM, except for electricity bill (PLN) payment where Rp. 2.500,- per transaction will be charged to customers.

Any other charges for other transactions?

For Bank Mandiri customers, almost all services are free except for printing last 5 transactions will be charged Rp. 1.500,- per request. Other bank’s customers will be charged according to the bank’s policy.

Who can access loan transaction inquiry service?

Loan transaction inquiry service is available for all customers having ATM card and individual loan account. To obtain the access the loan account must be registered first in the nearest branch

If no cash is available in the ATM, can I still use the ATM for transaction?

Yes, the ATM can still be used for non-cash transactions

If the receipt or proof of transactions in the ATM is running out, can I still use the ATM for transaction?

Yes, the ATM can still be used for non-payment transactions, purchasing, and transfer

What should I do if I have a problem when using the ATM, for example, my account is already debited but the banknotes are not released or partially released?

Report immediately to Call Mandiri 14000 call center and provide necessary information

How long will it take for my complaints to be processed?

We will process your complaints maximum 10 working days

What features and services are currently available in Mandiri ATM?

Currently Mandiri ATM have more than 100 features and services, and it can be categorized as follow: (See complete features in Mandiri ATM):

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Account Information
  • Transfer Between Bank Mandiri Accounts and other Banks
  • Regular bills payment (Electricity, Telephone/Mobile Phone, Mobile phone, Credi Cards, Plane Tickets etc.)
  • Purchase of Reload Vouchers for Mobile Phones (Mentari, Simpati, XL, IM3 Smart, Flexy, Esia, Fren, 3)
  • Mini/Short Statement
  • eBanking registration: Mandiri SMS Banking, Mandiri Internet Banking, Call Mandiri call center
  • Foreign Currencies Account Inquiry
  • Loan Account Inquiry

Where can I find the locations of Mandiri ATM?

You can obtain the information at nearest branch, Call Mandiri 14000, or in Bank Mandiri’s website

How many ATMs are currently operating?

2.811 ATMs

What should we do if I found that an ATM is out of service?

You can call and give your inquiries to Call Mandiri 14000

Kenapa pada awal bulan beberapa transaksi pembayaran tagihan tidak dapat dilakukan?

Invoice/bills from Operator/Billers are yet to received at this time.

Any suggestions on how to pay the bills regularly?

We suggest to make the payment for the bills at earliest convenience before the due date. Because the transaction traffics are unusually high during this period.

What can I do when I purchase prepaid cellular phone reloads where transaction is successful and debited my account but it is not reflected in my phone’s balance?

You can contact Call Mandiri 14000 call center

What should I do to avoid wrong transfer, invalid purchase or payment, or payment error?

We always suggest our customers to review and ensure the information sent to the system is accurate before confirming the transaction.

Any safety tips to use ATM?

  • Always ensure your ATM’s PIN confidentiality, and cover your finger with other hand when you entered the PIN
  • Cancel the transaction and report the bank immediately if you found any suspicions in the ATM, i.e. foreign objects/unusual cables.
  • Don’t use the ATM if it is dark or secluded
  • If people are queuing behind you when you use the ATM, ensure that the other people behind can’t see your PIN and card number.
  • Check again the transaction receipt before leaving the ATM. Keep the receipt in a safe place.
  • Immediately take your money and card, otherwise the ATM will retract the money.
  • Don’t count your money in an open space where people can see.
  • If the machine swallows your card, call the bank's branch officers. If the bank's officer is not available, immediately call Call Mandiri 14000 and ask to block/ban the card.