Mandiri Internet FAQ

General Question

What is Mandiri Internet service?

Mandiri Internet is a facility delivered to Bank Mandiri customer for conducting banking transactions through internet network, anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Why do I choose Mandiri Internet? What is the benefit?

  • Just from your work desk , Conducting banking activities just from your work desk, using personal computer or laptop equipped with modem with line telephone and GPRS connection.
  • No time limitation , You can access your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week for conducting transactions or simply checking the balance and account mutation.
  • Global coverage , able to conduct transactions from whichever hemisphere as long as internet access is available.
  • Everywhere can enjoy its benefit , clear transaction menus with simple navigation, allowing you to conduct transactions easily, although you have just been able to use it.
  • Various features of service , Able to conduct various banking transactions such as electricity payment, home phone, cell phone, voucher reload, inter-account transferring, inter-bank transferring, airlines ticket purchasing, etc.
  • Secured and protected! , equipped with multi-layered security system and token.
  • One access for all products , , by logging in only using 1 User ID you can access at once all products you own in Bank Mandiri such as Savings, Giro, Deposit, Credit Card, and Loan Account, either in rupiah or other foreign currencies.
  • Easy registration , register instantly through Mandiri ATM or branch bank, and if registration is conducted through ATM, you can directly activate and access your account.
  • No special software is needed , you need no special software, just use minimum configuration with standard browser.
  • No extra cost , nearly all features can be used for free.

What is Mandiri Internet website address?

You can visit Mandiri Internet website on

What kinds of account can I access through Mandiri Internet?

Accounts you can access are Saving (Mandiri Saving, Mandiri Business Saving, Mandiri Dollar, Mandiri Planned Saving), Individual Giro (rupiah and other foreign currencies), Deposit (rupiah and other foreign currencies), Credit Card and Individual Loan Account.

What can I do with Mandiri Internet?

Mandiri Internet features are fully complete, in which almost all banking transaction and monthly bill payment can be done using these services.

How updated are Information and financial transactions listed in this service?

Information and transaction displayed are most updated information and transaction data (real-time on-line) and immediately processed by the system (straight through processing).

Will I be charged of Using this Mandiri Internet service?

Registration is surely free of charge and nearly all features can be used for free (please see imposed service tariff page on Mandiri Internet).

Is it secured to use Mandiri Internet?

Surely Yes, Mandiri Internet service is designed to prioritize security and comfort of your personal and financial information.

The service employs Internet internationally-standardized program Security SSL 3.0 with 128-bit encryption system; the most sophisticated encrypting system nowadays, allowing your financial and personal information not to be read through internet network.

You will be also delivered unique User ID & password, so duplication is unallowable, thus only you, yourself know it. Each time logging in, you are allowed to enter wrong User ID & password for three times, before the access is blocked to prevent from irresponsible misuse.

Every financial transaction should be accompanied with additional securing device named Token

Every transaction will yield reference number to be used if a question emerges or a problem occurs related to the transaction.

If no activities exist for 10 minutes, system will automatically log out your access to prevent unauthorized misuse.

What is Token?

Token is an additional securing device for financial transaction on Mandiri e-banking. To enable you to conduct transaction, you are in necessity to employ Token.

Token functions to yield always-change PIN (dynamic PIN) every time the customer conducts financial transactions. However, without Token, you still can log on to Mandiri Internet system for seeing balance information and transaction mutation.

Am I charged for Token usage registration?

Registration fee for Token usage is Rp. 20.000 (paid only once), while for new Token replacement fee, if the current one is lost or damaged due to your own neglect, you are charged Rp. 100.000.


Is it necessary to register for using Mandiri Internet?

Yes, the customer must firstly register through Mandiri ATM or branch office operating the customer’s account.

Can the registration be done online?

It can not, with security consideration, an online registration is unavailable.

What terms should be complied to register:

  • Owning saving account, current account in Rupiah or other foreign currencies.
  • For registration through Mandiri ATM, Mandiri Debit Card ownership is necessary, while for registration in branch office, self-identity evidence revelation is obliged (ID Card, Driving license, Passport, Temporary Stay Permit Card) and account ownership evidence (saving book, Mandiri Debit Card)

I have completed the registration, but I cannot log in?

You may not have activated the service. Please activate the service first by clicking through activation button on Mandiri website main page.

What steps to take for accessing Mandiri Internet?

  • Register for Mandiri Internet through Mandiri ATM or in branch office operating the customer’s account.
  • Apply and register for Token in Mandiri branch office.
  • Activate your service in
  • Activate your Token on administration menu after logging in to Mandiri Internet.

Can I immediately access Mandiri Internet after registering?

Yes you can, if registering through Mandiri ATM you can immediately register for Token, activate the service and subsequently log in to Mandiri Internet system.

How to register for Mandiri Internet through Mandiri ATM?

Registration can be done through entire Mandiri ATM. Enter the main menu and select e-banking registration and then follow the guidelines on ATM screen for making 6 (six) number ACCESS CODE (registration PIN). When activating on Mandiri website, the customer is required to enter ACCESS ID number, i.e. 16-digit card number and ACCESS CODE made through ATM machine simultaneously.

How to register for Mandiri Internet through Branch offices?

Come to Mandiri branch office, carrying account ownership evidence (saving book/Mandiri debit card) as well as Identity card, and then fill application form for Mandiri Internet registration available in branch offices.

Subsequently, the bank will deliver Access ID in the form of 16 (sixteen) numbers to registered e-mail address and you have to come again to the branch office for obtaining ACCESS CODE in sealed envelope (PIN Mailer).

How long do I have to come again to the branch office for obtaining ACCESS CODE (Pin Mailer) since the date of registration?

For branches within Jabotabek regions, it takes 5 (five) working days and for branches outside Jabotabek regions, it takes 10 (ten) working days since the date of registration.

How to register for Token?

Please come to nearest Mandiri branch office, carrying account ownership evidence (saving book/Mandiri Debit card) as well identity card, then fill the application form for Token usage, and follow the guidelines included in Token box.

KWhen should I register for Token?

After registering for Mandiri Internet, you can immediately register for Token usage.

What should I do after obtaining ACCESS ID and ACCESS CODE? Can it be immediately for logging in?

Before logging in and conducting transaction, you firstly have to activate on Mandiri website select activation button and enter ACCESS ID and ACCESS CODE you have already had. If activation succeeds, then the customer is required to make Mandiri Mandiri Internet USER ID and PIN for logging in.

Should my token be activated?

Yes, Token should be activated for optimal usage, please log in to Mandiri Internet on, select administration menu and choose Mandiri PIN Token activation.


What should be prepared for accessing Mandiri Internet service?

The equipments needed for accessing Mandiri Internet are as follow:

  • Hardware:
    • PC Pentium 133 Mhz, or higher.
    • Modem 28.8 kbps (56 kbps one is recommended).
  • Software:
    • Operating System Windows 98, Windows 2000 atau Windows NT
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.00 or Netscape Navigator 4.5 Internet browser
  • Internet Connection
    • Internet Account on one Internet Service Provider such as CBN, Indosatnet, Radnet etc.
    • Instant Access : (Telkomnet Instant or other ISP’s)

How to use Mandiri Internet service?

You can display The usage detail and demo immediately on

Can I access Mandiri Internet for 24 hours?

Yes, you can access Mandiri Internet for 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Can I access Mandiri Internet abroad?

Yes, wherever you are, as long as internet connection is available, you can access Mandiri Internet and Token for conducting transaction.

What transactions can I do on Mandiri Internet?

Transactions you can do, please see service features.

What are USER ID and PIN?

USER ID is a set of combined number and letter (alphanumeric) consisting of 6-10 characters to be your ID recognition for accessing Mandiri Internet service. For example, Mandiri99

After obtaining USER ID and PIN, what facilites can I use?

You can do non-financial banking transaction such as balance checking, transaction history checking, and informative other transactions.

If I wish to conduct financial transactions (transferring, payment, purchasing, deposit placement) what should I do?

You should have an additional securing device named Token. The device functions to yield always-change PIN (dynamic PIN) every time you do financial transactions.

What should I do if my computer is suddenly shut down or disconnection occurs while financial transaction is in progress?

For ensuring whether the transaction succeeds or not, please check first the current balance on your account or call Mandiri Service Mandiri Call through 14000.

Will I be handed transaction evidence every time conducting financial transaction?

Yes, every time you conduct financial transaction through Mandiri Internet, then you will have evidence of reference number. You can either print or keep the reference number.

Can I re-log in after Mandiri Internet service was suddenly disconnected?

You can re-log in 10 minutes after the disconnection. If within 10 minutes you re-log in, a message “USER LOG IN ALREADY” appears. This is because your USER ID is still connected on the system.

What is LOGOUT? And how to do that?

Logout is a function for ending your access completely, after you have finished using internet banking facilities, by clicking logout button on upper right screen.


What securities are applied on Mandiri Internet?

  • Using international standard security standard with SSL 128 bit encryption (Secure Socket Layer 128 bit Encryption) that will encrypt transaction data.
  • Accessing gate securing with Firewall (ISP>Web Server>Data Server>Host)
  • Registration process through Mandiri ATM or Mandiri branch offices.
  • Activation process on using Access ID & Access Code
  • User Verification user using Mandiri Internet User ID & PIN when logging in
  • Auto Logoff (Session Time Out) if the customer forgets to log out
  • All customer’s activities on Mandiri Internet will be recorded by the system.
  • The customer can observe all activities committed on Mandiri Internet for certain periodic term.
  • Notification through e-mail and SMS* for every transaction committed.
  • Transaction limitation per day
  • Transaction Verification with Token
  • * if registered as Mandiri SMS user

What can I do to maximize the Mandiri Internet service security?

  • Keep your Mandiri Internet PIN secret and never tell any one.
  • Make your USER ID & PIN hard to guess but easy to remember.
  • Modify your Internet banking PIN periodically.
  • Never leave your computer when logging in to Mandiri Mandiri Internet service and always click “log-out” if you have finished using it.
  • Reject the automatic saving service for USER ID and PIN when Internet Explorer browser offers the service.
  • Never use your USER ID/PIN or personal information on anonymous website.
  • Always use computer or other devices you are convinced their security.
  • If using connection and wireless devices, make sure they have sufficient security.
  • Always erase your browser cache and history every time you have finished conducting transaction.
  • Protect your computer from virus and other harmful programs.
  • Always check your account balance and transaction mutation regularly.
  • Notify us immediately through contact us on the website or call to 14000 if a problem emerges or something suspicious occurs.

Is it secured to conduct transaction in public internet shop?

We do not strongly recommend you to conduct any transactions on public computer in Internet shop. Computers in public facilities generally are vulnerable to virus or any program recording what you are typing or “keylogger”. It is not unlikely the program is intentionally developed to read any you have typed (including your user ID and Password), and is subsequently grabbed or delivered to the program developer for committing fraud. However, if the event do occur, Mandiri Internet remains highly secured because it is equipped with Token, the worst thing to happen is the unauthorized person can see only balance and transaction mutation.

How to avoid phising?

  • What is phising?

  • Phising is an action of obtaining personal informations such as User ID, PIN, bank account number, your credit card number illegally. Those information is then misused by the intruder for accessing your account, conducting credit card fraud, or guiding the customer for transferring to certain account by tantalizing.

    The action becomes more prevalent nowadays. It is recorded globally that phising-employing fraud for Januari 2005 jumps 42% from previous months. Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) iin its monthly report, records there are 12.845 new, unique e-mails and 2.560 fake websites, as well, used as phising means.

    In addition to quantity increase, the attack quality is also rising. It means, those fake websites are placed on servers who employ no standardized protocol, thus away from detection.

  • How is phishing done?

    General techniques the intruders usually employ is as follow:

    Fake e-mail usage and graphics for misleading the customer so the customer unconsciously receives the website or e-mail validity. In order to make it convincing, the intruder usually also use logos or trade marks belonging to official institutions, including bank or credit card publisher. This fraud is done to persuade the customer to submit the personal information, such as; password, PIN and credit card number.

    Making fake websites that fully resemble the original, official ones or the intruder send e-mail containing link to the fake websites.

    Making hyperlink to fake websites or providing filling form included on the delivered e-mail.

  • How to avoid the Phishing?

  • Never be easily persuaded to follow any direction/guideline related to account information, that is recommended on e-mail linked to certain bank website. If you receive the similar e-mail and on behalf of Bank Mandiri, please be carefully aware. Bank Mandiri imposes the policies that avoid requiring the customer/account owner to update their data through e-mail.

    If you receive the e-mail, please report to Bank Mandiri.

  • What steps do it take for protecting from Phishing fraud?

  • Followings are steps for protecting from phishing fraud:

    • Always type completely the URL for the bank’s official website, namely: on menu bar on your browser.
    • Never share or give your User ID or PIN to any one, even to Bank Mandiri staff.. Bank Mandiri never requires PIN number for any reason.
    • If you are delivered e-mail containing notification that Bank Mandiri will shut your account or User ID if you refuse to confirm using personal information, then you are strongly recommended not to reply it or click any other links on the e-mail.
    • Never be persuaded to follow any suggestion for transferring to certain account, tantalizing to obtain prizes. Please instead find detailed information by directly visiting Bank Mandiri.
  • Is it necessary to report phishing location or suspicious e-mail?

  • If you have any question about e-mail sent by Bank Mandiri or if you think someone are trying to misuse on behalf of Bank Mandiri, please contact immediately through Mandiri Call 14000 from your phone or mobile phone for confirming.