Mandiri SMS FAQ

Mandiri SMS Service

What is Mandiri SMS service ?

Mandiri SMS is banking electronic service to access customer account by using mobile phonefacility.

What is the requirement to get Mandiri SMS service ?

The conditions are :

  • Bank Mandiri Customer whose own current account or saving.
  • Customer of operator GSM Telkomsel, Indosat and XL. Customer of operator CDMA Telkom Flexi(in trial period)
  • Own GSM / CDMA phone cell.
  • Agree on the terms and conditions to use Mandiri SMS Mandiri service which listed on application form Mandiri SMS or at

How to get Mandiri SMS service ?

Coming to branch or to ATM Mandiri to register account number and phone cell

What is the feature of Mandiri SMS service?

Look table feature of 24 hours Bank Mandiri service

How customer do the transaction with Mandiri SMS ?

There are two ways to do the Mandiri SMS transaction, first type SMS or menu option.Type sms is a way of transaction where customer should type instruction form of Mandiri SMS on the menu SMS in the mobile phoneand then send the SMS to number 3355. Menu option is a way of transaction where customer is only select Mandiri SMS menu in the phone cell.

Registration of Mandiri SMS

Apa yang harus dilakukan oleh nasabah pada saat pendaftaran awal Mandiri SMS ?

Pendaftaran di ATM :

  • Dengan menggunakan Kartu Mandiri nasabah datang ke ATM Mandiri di mana saja
  • Masukkan Kartu ATM disertai dengan 4 digit PIN Kartu ATM
  • Tekan menu Registrasi e-Banking, Pendaftaran Awal, Masukkan no Handphone dan ikuti langkah selanjutnya.

Pendaftaran di Cabang :

  • Mengisi Formulir Aplikasi Mandiri SMS (FFO 057) dan menandatanganinya
  • Menunjukkan bukti diri (KTP/SIM/Paspor), Buku Tabungan atau Kartu ATM
  • Apa saja pendaftaran yang harus dilakukan oleh pengguna Mandiri SMS ?

Registration to be done by Mandiri SMS User:

Kind of Registration Way of transaction Done at
Beginning Registration *) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Registration account Yes **) No required Yes Yes
Destination transfer Yes No required Yes Not Able
Registration Payment/purchasing Yes Not Able Yes No required

*) Own account be registered max 8 accounts.
**) Transfer account that can be registered max 8 accounts.

How to delete own account and destination account transfer?

Customer should come to branch office.

How long process registration and activation Mandiri SMS service ?

Registration at ATM :

  • Mandiri SMS service promptly active with service code.
  • SMSINQ means customer only allows to do non financial transaction. To do the financial transaction, customer should come to the branch which own CIF to change service code into SMS01 (financial transaction).

Registration at Branch :

  • Service will be activated max 2 working days after customer registration at the branch.

Is it allowed to register 2 mobile phonenumbers in the same account ?

No it is not allowed. For one customer, only 1 cellular phone number is allowed.

Should the customer re-register Mandiri SMS service if I change my SIM Card?
If phone number / mobile phone is same with previous number, customer no need to re- registration. But if phone / mobile phone number is different customer should unregister Mandiri SMS service first through Call Mandiri 14000 and then re-registration at ATM/Branch.

Service Charge

What cost will be charged by Bank Mandiri to customers who use Mandiri SMS?

Service fee, monthly administration and transaction fee are FREE OF CHARGE.

How much is the cost of SMS that will be charged by GSM/CDMA operator to Mandiri SMS user?

Navigator Telkomsel mATM/mPOS Telkomsel Indosat XL
Non-financial SMS + Rp500 SMS + Rp500 SMS + Rp500 Rp500 Rp500
Transfer SMS + Rp500 SMS + Rp500 SMS + Rp500 Rp1000 Rp1000
Payment/purchasing SMS + Rp500 SMS + Rp500 SMS + Rp750 Rp1000 Rp1000
Notification SMS Rp500 Rp500 Rp500 Rp500 Rp500

That cost will reduce the customers credit (for prepaid user) or will be charged to the monthly billing (for postpaid user)

Transaction Limit

How much is the limit of Mandiri SMS Mandiri ?

Transaction limit transfer is Rp 100 millions/transaction per day, reload is Rp 5 millions/day, and billing payment Rp 5 millions/day.

Is the limit transaction between TYPE SMS and Menu option become one?

Yes correct. For example customer has transferred Rp 2 millions with TYPE SMS, so the balance of transaction limit at the same day is Rp 8 millions.

PIN and Security System

What is the security system of Mandiri SMS transaction?

Mandiri SMS has multiple security system, such as :

  • Mobile phonenumber as ID customer.
  • Destination Account no transfer registered (TYPE SMS)
  • SMS randomly /enkripsi (Menu option)
  • Diversification transaction with PIN
  • PIN can be change anytime.
  • Transaction limit per day
  • Registration by ATM Mandiri is for non financial transaction only.
  • To cover customer from deceitness by using hypnotize trick that recently happen, registration Mandiri SMS at ATM is for non financial transaction only.

How to get PIN Mandiri SMS Mandiri?

Registration at ATM :
6 digits PIN Mandiri SMS was made by customer him/her self at ATM upon the registration. PIN can directly used for transaction after registration is succeed. Theres no need to change PIN at first transaction.

Registration at Branch :
6 digits PIN Mandiri SMS will be sent by Bank Mandiri by SMS max 2 working days. The PIN should be changed by customer before doing transaction.

What caused PIN can not be used ?

Mandiri SMS service was blocked by Bank because PIN is wrong 3 times orderly when it is used or upon customers request the service is blocked or closed.

How to get PIN back if it has been blocked or forgotten?

Customer can be directly contact Call Mandiri 24 hours at 14000 or (021) 5299 7777 to unblocked or PIN Mandiri SMS through SMS. Unblocked or PIN delivery will be done at the same day.

Is it the same PIN Mandiri SMS that is used for TYPE SMS and MENU OPTION ?

Same, 6 digit PIN.

Customer Complain

What should customer do if after sending SMS to transfer/payment/refill the SMS confirmation is not receive?

Customes arer required to check balance/account mutation. If it is failed, customer should contact Call Mandiri to check the transaction status and debit/credit transaction If the transaction is done, it means SMS is being late/undelivered by operator to customers phone cell.

What is the causes of being late/undelivered SMS confirmation to customers phone cell?

The reason is operator SMS-C is busy/queue, mobile phoneoff, run out of pulse, no mobile phonesignal.

How long the maximum time to refill the pulse, after Bank Mandiri declaring that refill transaction is succeed ?

The latest pulse will be reloaded 2 minutes after transaction is done. If it is more than 2 minutes pulse has not been filled please contactCall Mandiri 14000 or (021) 5299 7777 by telling debited account number, total pulse, operators ID, voucher number, time of transaction and reference number transaction. Bank will such as asking operator to refill manually.


If customer had been registered as Mandiri SMS user before, with TYPE SMS, is it necessary to re-registration for using MENU OPTION?

No, its no necessary. With the same mobile phonenumber, customer is able to use previous Mandiri SMS TYPE SMS PIN.

What is the benefit of Mandiri SMS MENU OPTION transaction compare with TYPE SMS ?

With MENU OPTION customer no need to remind transaction instruction can transfer inter account to any account (without registered) and can do the payment also refill to any mobile phonenumber(without registered).

What kind of sim cards can be used to TYPE SMS and MENU OPTION?

Operator SIM Card Name
Telkomsel KartuHALO, simPATI, kartu AS KartuHALO naviGator dan kartuHALO mPOS
Indosat Matrix, Mentari, IM3 Smart Matrix, Mentari (32-64kb)
XL Xplor, XL bebas, jempol Xplor, XL bebas
Telkom Flexi Flexi, Flexi Trendy -

What customer should do if download M-B Mandiri menu on sim card Indosat menu(satelindo@ccess) and XL(Data Service /Life In Hand), is failed?

If failed just contact Call Centre each operator,are :

  • Indosat : Customer Service Indosat at (021) 5438 8888 atau 222 via HP
  • XL : Customer Service XL di (021) 5795 9818 atau 818 via HP

mATM (mobile ATM) MAndiri Service

What is mATM Mandiri service ?

mATM (mobile ATM) MAndiri Service is one of the feature Mandiri SMS Mandiri service where customer who is also HALO naviGator64 Telkomsel card user can purchase goods and cash withdrawal in merchant whose logomATM Bank Mandiri.

Who will be the merchant of mATM Mandiri ?

Bank Mandiri customer whose profession as trader/shop owner which listed as Mandiri SMS user and also asHALO mPOS card (mobile Point Of Sales) customer.

How the merchant serves buyer at the store with mATM ?

Trader/merchant with his kartuHALO mPOS enter buyer mobile phonenumber (Mandiri SMS user HALO navigator card) and amount price on purchasing the goods. Buyer will receive SMS confirmation about the goods that will be purchased and enter PIN Mandiri SMS as a confirmation in buyer phone cell. If transaction is succeed, buyer and merchant will receive SMS confirmation that the transaction SUCCEED. Buyer will be debited and merchant will be credited in real time equal with the purchasing price.

What is the condition of merchant mATM Mandiri ?

The conditions become mATM merchant :

  • Fill application form mATM merchant
  • Fill kartuHALO Telkomselform.
  • Open Saving or Giro account at Bank Mandiri
  • Register Mandiri SMS Mandiri at branch
  • Signing Agreement with Bank Mandiri
  • Agree on terms and conditionss merchant mATM MAndiri
  • Copy of KTP, KK and NPWP

Who should be calling if Bank Mandiri customer interested to be the merchant of mATM?

In this mATM merchant cooperation, Bank Mandiri appoint PT e-Mobile Indonesia in registering mATM Mandiri merchant all over Indonesia. For customer whose business/store and interest to become trader/merchant mTAM Mandiri can contact :

PT. eMobile Indonesia
Telp: (021) 521 4551
Email:,, up. Sdri. Elvida, Henny, Livita, Mugna
With pleasure, consultant sales of PT e-Mobile Indonesia will assist the customer.

How much Bank MAndiri will charge the transaction to the buyer and merchant mATM?

In this mATM service, every mTAM purchasing transaction merchant will be charged Rp 3000/transaction. While for cash withdrawal service customer will be charged Rp 3000/transaction, while the merchant will get fee Rp 2000/transaction cash withdrawal.

The Mandiri SMS service

What feature and other newest service from Mandiri SMS in short time ?

Newest Featur will be launching ,such as:

  • Transfer inter bank (only valid in Menu optionTelkomsel, Indosat and XL)
  • Opening Deposito Mandiri (only valid in Menu option Indosat and XL)
  • Payment PBB, StarONE, Adam Air, Merpati, Lion, buy ticket via Travel Agent etc.
  • Mobile tonic or refill electronic pulse through dealer/retailer Indosat and Telkomsel.