Terms and Conditions


  1. Mandiri SMS is a Bank distribution link to access a customerís account through SMS (Short Message Service) using GSM cell phone facilities.
  2. Bank shall be PT BANK MANDIRI (PERSERO) Tbk including its Headquarter and branches and other offices which constitute integral parts of PT BANK MANDIRI (PERSERO) Tbk.
  3. SMS is short text transmission which can be sent and or received through cell phone and it can be seen on cell phoneís screen.
  4. GSM Operator is cellular network/mobile telecommunication service provider (Global System for Mobile Communication/GSM).
  5. Customer shall be the individual who owns IDR Giro Account and or IDR Deposit account at Bank Mandiri.
  6. User Customer is the Customer who has been registered as the User of Mandiri SMS service.
  7. Own Account List shall be all numbers of Mandiri Saving and or IDR Giro accounts at the Bank which are owned by Customer and registered as the account for debiting and crediting purposes in Mandiri SMS service.
  8. Destination Account List shall be all numbers of Mandiri Saving and or IDR Giro accounts which are owned by the Third Party at the Bank and registered as the account for debiting and crediting purposes in Mandiri SMS service.
  9. Mandiri Call PIN (Personal Identification Number) shall be the personal identification number that is confidential and only known by the User Customer, which must be written / input by the SMS Banking service User Customer on the cell phone when using Mandiri SMS service.
  10. SMS Notification service is notification service by the Bank through SMS to the cell phone of the Mandiri SMS User Customer concerning a certain service provided by the Bank.

Requirements for Mandiri SMS Registration

  1. The customer shall fill in and sign the Mandiri Internet Banking and SMS Banking Application Form available at Bank Mandiri Branch Office or website (www.bankmandiri.co.id).
  2. Exhibit an acceptable original personal identification proof (ID Card, Driving License, Passport, Temporary Stay Permit) and proof of account ownership.
  3. Each individual holder of joint account must fill in the Mandiri Internet Banking and SMS Banking Application Form.
  4. The Customer should own a SIM Card from GSM Operator appointed by the Bank for delivery of Mandiri SMS PIN.
  5. If the Customer has fulfilled all the requirements, then as the approval, the Bank will issue a Mandiri SMS PIN directly sent to the User Customerís cell phone.
  6. Having read and fulfilled all Terms and Conditions of Mandiri SMS.
  7. The Customer can also register for Mandiri SMS via Mandiri ATM using Mandiri Card.

Requirements for Use of Mandiri SMS

  1. The User Customer may use Mandiri SMS service to get information and or perform banking transactions as specified by the Bank.
  2. User Customer will get activation of Mandiri SMS service after get PIN Mandiri SMS that sent by Bank to
  3. For all transactions :
    • Only can be done to the account owner listed in Personal Account and or List of Destination Account in Bank.
    • User Customer should make sure the decision and completeness transaction instruction (include ensure that all data needed for the transaction is filled in completely and correctly) according format SMS that appointed by Bank. Bank is not responsible to every all impact that might be appear caused by negligence, inaccuracy and or incompleteness order / data from User Customer.
    • If the accuracy and completeness data has been convinced to fill in, as the agreement transaction, the User Customer must enter PIN SMS Banking for every ending SMS format.
  4. All transactions which have been instructed by Bank and approved by User Customer can not be cancelled.
  5. All instructions which have approved by User Customer that already saved in data bank center to do the transaction intended, unless User Customer can proved the opposite.
  6. User Customer is a must to inform the Bank immediately if receive and or incomplete or incorrect information to the branch by written.
  7. Bank receive and running every instruction from User Customer as a valid instruction base on usage phone cell number and PIN Mandiri SMS that is why Bank has no obligation for search or investigate the originality and validity or authority phone cell usage and PIN Mandiri SMS or evaluate or proved decision or completeness intended instruction, and therefore that instruction valid User Customer properly, unless User Customer can proved the opposite.
  8. Bank has the right not to fulfill instruction from the User Customer, if:
    1. Account Balance User Customer in Bank is not enough.
    2. Bank knows or has the reason to predict of deception or criminal action that will be happen.
      • As evidence that transaction has been instructed by User Customer succeed to be done by Bank, User Customer will get transaction evidence transaction number on every end transaction through SMS as long your inbox phone cell User Customer not full and or there is no network trouble communication from the GSM Operator.
      • User Customer agree and admit that :
    3. By doing the transaction through Mandiri SMS, all instructions and communication from User Customer which received by Bank will be treated as valid evidence although the written document has not been made and or released the document which is not been signed.
    4. The evidence on instruction from User Customer to Bank and all kind of communication between Bank and User Customer that sent by electronic and saved in bank data centre and or in other informationís deposit in Bank, such as document, tape recording / cartridge, computer print out and copy, is a valid evidence which will never be disputed for validity, the truthfulness and the originality.
      • Base on itís own decision, Bank has the right to change the limit of transaction.
      • GSM Operator will charge SMSís cost for all transaction that have been done by User Customer include the transaction was failed done by Bank.

Mandiri SMS PIN

  1. Mandiri SMS PIN is the code which confidential that the right usage is on the User Customer side.
  2. Customer should protect Mandiri SMS PIN with the way of :
    1. Delete send items SMS that has been sent to the Bank, especially message SMS that shown Mandiri SMS PIN.
    2. Not informing Mandiri SMS PIN to other.
    3. Not to write down Mandiri SMS PIN in phone cell memory or save it by writing or in other facility that possible others to know it.
    4. Beware using Mandiri SMS PIN in order to avoid public attention.
    5. 5. Change Mandiri SMS PIN regularly.
  3. All the miss use of Mandiri SMS PIN is User Customerís responsible. User Customer will release Bank from any sues that might be happen, from other party or User Customer himself as the effect of miss use of phone cell and Mandiri SMS PIN.
  4. PIN Mandiri SMS user has power in law that equal with written instruction that sign by User Customer, therefore User Customer hereby announce that PIN Mandiri SMS user in all instruction Mandiri SMS transaction also authority delegation from User Customer to Bank to do the transaction although unlimited to do debited customer account
  5. If user SIM Card is missing /stolen/takeover to other party, user account should inform to the Bank in written through Branch where handle account or call to Call Centre Bank Mandiri before receiving announcement by authorized functionary Bank, so all instructions, transactions and communication base on user of PIN Mandiri SMS by unauthorized party become User Customer responsibility.

Termination of Mandiri SMS Service

  1. The Bank will terminate the Mandiri SMS Service if:
    1. User Customer requests to the Bank to stop access Mandiri SMS service for a while or permanently which may caused by :
      1. Phone cell GSM number is replacing/missing/stolen/takeover to other party and it has been informed to the Bank.
      2. User Customer close all accounts that could be access through Mandiri SMS service.
    2. Wrong in entering Mandiri SMS PIN, 3 (three) times orderly.
    3. Bank is a must do the obligation according to the valid law.
  2. For reactivate access service above, user account should contact Call Centre Bank Mandiri or re-registration in branch where account were opened.

Force Majeure

The User Customer shall indemnify the Bank against any claims whatsoever in the case that the Bank is unable to carry out the instruction of the User Customer, either partially or in full, due to events or causes beyond control or ability of the Bank including without limitation natural disasters, war, riot, equipment, system or transmission malfunction, power failure, telecommunication mishap, government policy, and events or causes beyond control or ability of the Bank.


  1. The proof of User Customerís instructions via Mandiri SMS service shall be the mutation recorded in the Current Account or Mandiri Saving Account Book when printed.
  2. In case that related with phone cell number, GSM network, billing of GSM user, SMS charge and GSM value added service out of agreement between User Customer with Bank, the User Customer should directly contact GSM operator related.
  3. User Customer may call Bank Mandiri Call Center for any problem related to the transaction and change of Mandiri SMS service access.
  4. The bank may change these terms and conditions upon prior notice to the User Customer in any form and means whatsoever.
  5. The User Customer submits to the terms and regulations applicable to the Bank as well as requirements for account opening and joint account, including their changes to be notified in advance by the Bank in any form and means whatsoever.

Explicit and implied authorization under these Terms and Conditions shall constitute valid authorization that will not cease as long as the User Customer receives Mandiri SMS services or has liabilities to the Bank.