Terms of Service

...whatever your SIM Card is, enjoy the choices of transactions: Type SMS or Select Menu

Now, banking transaction is getting easier. Mandiri SMS is a banking service you can use to do banking transactions through SMS on your cellular phone.

Banking Transaction, Any Time, Any Where

Service Registration Requirements:

  1. Own a Mandiri Saving account, Mandiri IDR Giro account and or Mandiri IDR Deposit account and own a Telkomsel GSM SIM Card, Pro XL, Indosat (Satelindo and IM3)
  2. For registration at ATM, the customer should have a Mandiri ATM card. For registration in the branch, the customer should show proof of personal identity (ID card, Driving License, Passport, Temporary Stay Permit) and proof of account ownership (Mandiri Saving Book, Mandiri ATM card).

How to Get Service:

  1. Register your cell phone at ATM Mandiri or in Bank Mandiri branch.
  2. If you register at ATM Mandiri, go to the eBanking Registration Menu, select SMS Banking and press Mandiri SMS Registration and then follow the next instruction.
  3. After successful registration, your SMS Banking service is ready to use.

More Information

For further information please contact Mandiri Call 14000 or the nearest Branch or Telesales 021 3002-3001. Or Click here to contact our Customer Service