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Enjoy various life and health insurance products of AXA Mandiri that suits your protection needs.

Synergy of Two Strengths

PT AXA Mandiri Financial Services (AXA Mandiri) is a joint venture life insurance company between PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk (51% of shares) and National Mutual International Pty. Limited (AXA) (49% of shares) that is licensed and overseen by The Financial Services Authority (OJK). AXA Mandiri has been marketing its insurance products through Bank Mandiri since December 2003, by initially placing 40 sales forces (Financial Advisors) in several branches of Bank Mandiri.

AXA Mandiri has served more than 1 million Indonesian people, supported by more than 2,300 Financial Advisors throughout Bank Mandiri branches across Indonesia. AXA Mandiri serves variety of innovative product solutions according to the people’s protection needs, ranging from life insurance, health insurance, critical illness insurance, pension fund (DPLK AXA Mandiri), to future financial planning.

Bank Mandiri
Bank Mandiri

Value added Products


AXA Mandiri provides life and/or health insurance products, both traditional (non-insurance products associated with investment) and insurance products associated with investment (PAYDI).

The traditional life and/or health insurance products offered by AXA Mandiri are Asuransi Mandiri Proteksi Penyakit Tropis, Asuransi Mandiri Proteksi Kanker Dini, Asuransi Mandiri Proteksi Jantung, Asuransi Mandiri Secure Life, Asuransi Mandiri Secure Wealth, and Asuransi Mandiri Mikro Sejahtera

As for insurance products associated with investment (PAYDI), AXA Mandiri offers Asuransi Mandiri Investasi Prestise, Asuransi Mandiri Elite Plan, Asuransi Mandiri Perlindungan Sejahtera, and Asuransi Mandiri Legacy Plan. PAYDI provides protection against life risks and additional investment benefits. These basic PAYDI can also be equipped with various additional insurance options that provide more benefits, including accident protection, health protection, premium payment protection, and critical illnesses protection. As for the business segment, AXA Mandiri offers credit card protection insurance product.

AXA Mandiri also provides protection that suits the needs of each customer segment. For business segment, AXA Mandiri provides credit card protection insurance products, such as Asuransi Mandiri Protection Plus which provides protection for Mandiri credit card holders and life insurance protection for Consumer Loan customers Asuransi Mandiri Corporate Health Plan, Asuransi Mandiri Corporate Savings, Asuransi Mandiri Corporate Life Plan that provides protection for employees within a company.

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Digital assistant who ready to help AXA Mandiri customers regarding their policy services and health needs online, anytime and anywhere via

Through Emma, AXA Mandiri customers can access:

Bank Mandiri

Policy Information

You can view the information related to the insurance policy, including product name, policy status, premium amount, premium due date, sum insured nominal, insurance benefits, insured, and beneficiaries.

Bank Mandiri

Investment information

You can view the total investment value, total number of units, investment fund name, and investment history.

Bank Mandiri

Unit price

You can view and compare the unit prices of your investment funds or all your investment data.

Bank Mandiri

Health insurance claim

You can submit an online claim and check the status of your submitted claim.

Bank Mandiri

Virtual class

You can join various virtual health classes according to the schedule.

Bank Mandiri

Wellness merchant

You can get attractive discounts from various merchants.

Bank Mandiri

Emma e-Card

You can access Wellness Services to support your healthy lifestyle. Emma e-card gives opportunities for you to join in various activities, such as health webinars, free online yoga or Zumba class, and get special discounts from various merchants.

The First Bancassurance Academy in Asia


AXA Mandiri needs a professional human resource who are expert on the field, so therefore Sales Academy was formed as a training division for Financial Advisors of bancassurance type of insurance. The academy was the first in Asia.

Through the Sales Academy, the quality of the Financial Advisors is sharpened, so they can be effective in marketing the protection solutions according to customer’ needs.

Today, more than 2300 AXA Mandiri’ Financial Advisors have gone through rigorous training process and have obtained agency certification (license) from the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI).

Statement and Explanation About Investment Risk

  • PT AXA Mandiri Financial Services (AXA Mandiri) is a joint venture life insurance company between PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk and National Mutual International Pty. Limited (AXA) that started its operations since December 2003.
  • Insurance and unit link products of AXA Mandiri that are marketed through Bank Mandiri branch offices currently include Asuransi Mandiri Investasi Prestise, Asuransi Mandiri Elite Plan, Asuransi Mandiri Perlindungan Sejahtera, and Asuransi Mandiri Legacy Plan .
  • Those products are not issued by Bank Mandiri and not guaranteed by Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan (LPS).
  • For insurance products associated with investment (PAYDI), the investment value is the unit value using the unit price purchased on the following market day. Unit prices are subject to change at any time. This price depends on the chosen investment performance and investment risks.
  • The performance of investment funds from the past is not an investment returns’ indication or prediction in the future.
  • The investment returns of policy holder are not guaranteed. All risks, losses, and gains as the result from the investment are the policy holder responsibilities. Therefore, prospective customers are obliged to read and understand the terms in the brochure and Summary of Product and Services Information before making investment choices.
  • This is a general information and does not constitute a contract or guarantee for the investment performance. The exact conditions and rules regarding the product are described in detail in the insurance policy contract.