Mandiri Giro Valas

Mandiri Giro Valas

Mandiri Current Account Foreign Exchange

Trusted Support for your Business

In the middle of current business challenge, you definitely need various trustable supporting facility. For that reason, Mandiri Bank offers a beneficial banking transaction through Mandiri Giro. Third party saving fund in Foreign Exchange can be withdrawed at any time by using LOA (Letter Of Authorization).


A Progressive and Competitive Giro Service

  • With a progressive and competitive daily interest system, you have an opportunity to receive a bigger giro service benefits. The bigger your account balance is, the higher giro service you can get.


  • Deposit and withdrawal can be done in all Mandiri Bank Branch office.
  • Transaction flexibility through Mandiri ATM, Mandiri SMS, Mandiri Call, and Mandiri Internet (especially for individual Mandiri Giro Rupiah account).
  • Joint account choice is also available (especially for individual account).

Convenience in Transacting

  • With network facility of more than 17.000 Mandiri ATM widely spreaded, you don’t have to queue at the branch office just to execute your banking transaction.
  • The support of more than 2.500 online Mandiri Bank branch office widely spreaded all over Indonesia gives you more flexibility to execute the banking transaction that you wish. Where ever you are, your daily banking activity will functioned as usual.


Currency Choice

  • Available at some currency : USD, SGD, EUR, AUD, GBP, JPY, HKD, CHF, and CNY.


  • Initial Deposit:
    USD 500, SGD 500, EUR 500, AUD 500, GBP 500, JPY 50.000, HKD 5.000, CHF 1.000, and CNY 3.500
  • Not included in Indonesian Bank black list
  • Individual:
    • Above 21 years or married
    • Completing and signing the request form and the requirement support
    • Attaching copy of ID (KTP/Passport and KIMS/KITAS), and Taxpayer ID/NPWP
    • 1 copy of 4x6 photo
    • Charged to monthly administration fees
  • Corporation:
    • Completing and signing the request form and the requirement support
    • Attaching copy of ID (KTP/Passport Menyerahkan fotokopi identitas diri (KTP/Paspor and KIMS/KITAS of the authorized officials), Taxpayer ID/NPWP, certificate of company registration/TDP, business legal permit certificate/SIUP and articles of association.
    • Charged to monthly administration fees