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Mandiri Inhealth

(It's time) Enjoy the benefits of life protection for you and your beloved family.


Protection and Investment

The product will give the biggest amount between Insurance Money or Investment Value to your heir if something happend to you.


Can Be Withdrawed Anytime

The product is made for long term investment. Nevertheless, if you need it and need to withdraw your fund, you can do that anytime without additional fee.

  • Minimum withdrawal: Rp 1,000.000/USD 200 per transaction
  • Minimum balance: Rp 2,000,000/USD 400 in each type of investment fund

Easy way to maximize your investment

It is not easy to choose the precise investment product that can maximize your fund, it is even harder to find a product that is able to minimize risk. Mandiri Wealth Investment is constructed to give you opportunity to invest your fund to a professionally organized instrument and giving a high return level, added with insurance protection benefit.This AXA Mandiri Financial Services product is suitable for those having a rather big fund to be invested and it is simple because you only need to invest once.


Payment at Ease

  • Premium can be paid every month, every three months, every semester, or annually.
  • First premium payment can be done through a cash payment, transfer, or Bank Mandiri ATM. For your ease, the next premium will be debited automatically from your Bank Mandiri account.


  • PT. AXA Mandiri Financial Services is a joint venture life insurance company between PT. Bank Mandiri (Corporate), Ltd. and National Mutual International Pty. Ltd. Part of Group, and starts operating in Indonesia since December 2003
  • Insurance products and AMFS unit links that are marketed through Bank Mandiri branches nowadays are Wealth Mandiri Investment or Mandiri Investasi Sejahtera (MIS), Wealth mandiri Planning or Mandiri Rencana Sejahtera (MRS), Wealth Mandiri Life or Mandiri Jiwa Sejahtera (MJS)
  • These products are not published/guaranteed by Bank mandiri
  • Investment value is unit value by using unit buying price in the next day. Unit value can be changed sometimes. The value depends on the selected investment performance and on the investment risk.
  • Past investment fund performance is not an indicator for the future.
  • Policy Holder Investment Result is not guaranteed. All risks, lost, and benefit from the investment will fully become Policy Holder’s responsibility. Thus, buyer candidate has to read and understand provisions in the brochure and proposal before invest.
  • This information only describes general information and not a contract or guarantee of investment’s performance. The correct terms and condition regarding the product is explained more thoroughly in police contract.