Bill Payment

Bill Payment

This service enables company to collect payment from end user by providing billing database send to the Bank Mandiri. Thus giving convenience to end user in paying the bill through Bank Mandiri Channels simply by selecting company Id and type customer Identity number. Mandiri Corporate Collection requires checking of the incoming payment with the company billing database.


  1. Flexibility access for Company / Biller / Institution to use all Bank Mandiri channels
  2. Flexibility for user to pay in all Bank Mandiri channels
  3. Quick to implement (except for host to host service method)
  4. Speed up collection for company
  5. Accurate reconciliation
  6. Real time balance update


  1. 24 item of Billing Information (except for ATM and Mobile banking channel will display only 4 item)
  2. Customization Billing information as company requirement
  3. Full / partial payment billing
  4. Payment can be processed through all Bank Mandiri channels


  1. Host to host Service > Direct connection through Host server customer database billing system
  2. Internal Billing Service > Using store forward data in Bank Mandiri system