Mandiri Cash Management

Mandiri Cash Management

Mandiri cash management (mcm) is an internet-based electronic application aimed at assisting companies in the wholesale segment in conduct their financial operations. By using a secure connection network, MCM provides greater convenience in monitoring bank accounts and conducting various types of financial transactions. MCM is like having a bank branch right at your company's location.

Feature :

Account Information
  • Balance Inquiry : financial account balance information in realtime online.
  • Transaction Inquiry : information on financial transactions conducted By the customer.
  • Account Statement : an easily monitorable current account.
  • Issuance of notifications : notification of successful financial transactions, emailed automatically.
Payment Management
  • Inhouse Payments: IDR and foreign exchange transactions between Mandiri accounts.
  • Domestic Payments: Outgoing IDR transactions from Mandiri via SKN, RTGS or the atm bersama, links and prima networks
  • International Payment : transaksi valuta asing keluar mandiri.
  • International Payments: Outgoing foreign exchange transactions from Mandiri.
  • Payroll: payment of salaries / wages of company employees.
  • Tax Payments: State revenue transactions (tax and non-tax) conducted electronically.
  • Utility Payments: routine bill payment transactions, such as telephone, electricity, water, insurance and others.
Receivables Management
  • Auto Debet : the solution for your receivables by auto debiting payor's account.
Liquidity Management
  • Cash Pooling: automatically transfer funds to main account based on maximum amount limits for sub accounts.
  • Cash Distribution: automatic transfer of funds from main account to a sub account based on the amount specified.
  • Range Balance: transfer funds automatically from main account to sub account or vice versa based on target balance in sub account.
Transaction types
  • Based on number of transactions
    1. Single Transaction: transactions with low frequency that are input manually one by one.
    2. Bulk Transactions: high frequency transactions by uploading file and auto debit methods.
  • Based on transaction time
    1. Immediate: transactions are directly processed by the bank.
    2. Standing Instruction: transactions processed by the bank in accordance with instruction dates.
    3. Recurring Transfers: transactions are processed by the bank repeatedly according to the instruction schedule

Benefit :

  1. Flexibility and efficiency in time terms. Banking transaction process conducted in realtime online.
  2. Transaction security: Process of conducting and authorizing transactions is hierarchical
  3. Electronic data storage, which facilitates monitoring and filing of transaction data

Terms and condition :

  1. Company is a customer and has an account with Bank Mandiri
  2. For other requirements and service fees, please contact us on 14000.