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Kopra Trade

Bank Mandiri presents Kopra Trade as a comprehensive solution for your trade & bank guarantee transactions needs, such as: issuance and amendment of LC/SKBDN and Bank Guarantee, request for trade financing, and many other features for seamless and streamlined trade & bank guarantee transactions.

What is Kopra Trade?

Kopra Trade is a web-based portal accessible 24/7 anywhere anytime by customers to facilitate all types of trade & bank guarantee transactions from export, import, local trade transaction, and bank guarantee.

What browser version is needed to be able to use the Kopra Trade service?

Kopra Trade can be accessed via the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  •  Safari

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Internet Explorer

Can Kopra Trade be accessed using a mobile phone?

Customers can access Kopra Trade through browser in smartphone, however it is recommended to use PC, laptop, or tablet to access and to initiate transactions as there are many information to be input. Smartphone display is very small, therefore it might be inconvenient for users.

How do the customers access Kopra Trade?

Kopra Trade can be accessed via the following link: Portal in

When can I access the Kopra Trade portal?

Kopra Trade can be accessed 24/7. However, any transactions submitted by customers through Kopra Trade over the weekend or during holiday will be processed by Bank Mandiri on the following working day.

Does transaction process at Kopra Trade require a token/pin etc?

Transaction process at Kopra Trade does not require token or PIN; however, to transact and to send the transasction to the Bank, a minimum of dual control is required which requires authorization process from the checker, subject to the policies of each company and is determined by the company’s admin.

What Trade/BG products are available at Kopra Trade?

Below is list of products available in Kopra Trade.

  • Bank Guarantee (Outward): issuance/amendment of Bank Guarantee

  • Bank Guarantee (Inward): advice of received Bank Guarantee, submission of Bank Guarantee claim

  • Import LC/SKBDN/SBLC Issuance: for LC/SKBDN/Standby LC issuance/amendment

  • Export LC/SKBDN/SBLC Received: advice of received LC/SKBDN/Standby LC

  • Account Receivable Financing: financing in preparation for delivery of goods (pre-delivery financing or PO Financing) or acceleration of bill payments (post-delivery financing or Invoice Financing) for the sale of goods/services in local trade transactions

  • Pre-Export Financing: financing to prepare for shipment (pre-shipment financing) either for LC or Non-LC based.

  • Post Import Financing/Trust Receipt: defer payments of obligations based on trade transactions, either based on LC or Non-LC.

  • Reverse Factoring: allows a supplier to obtain financing and receive immediate funds in exchange for an invoice accepted by the Principal

  • Shipping Guarantee: for issuance of Shipping Guarantee, which is a guarantee from the Bank to shipping company for the benefits of customers or importers in order to release imported goods or purchase local goods, based on a copy or a photocopy of the Bill of Lading (B/L) document because the original B/L has not been received.

  • Import Collection/Inward Documentary Collection: document collection by the Bank to obtain payments and/or acceptances from importer/buyer; or submitting documents sent from importer/buyer for the payment and/or acceptance; or submitting documents according to other terms and conditions.

  • Export Collection/Outward Documentary Collection: Trade/export document handling services with a non-LC scheme is given at the request of the customers (sellers/exporters) in terms of delivery and billing to the buyers/importers through the buyers’/importer's bank, using the payment mechanism of Documents Against Payment (D/P) or Documents Against Acceptance (D/A).


What are the advantages of Kopra Trade for Customers?

Kopra Trade offers various benefits for customers, such as:

  • Online 24/7, accessible anywhere anytime.

  • Online application for issuance & amendment of trade & bank guarantee, and trade financing

  • Transaction visibility (transaction status inquiry & transaction details)

  • Notification via dashboard and email

  • Templates for recurring transactions

  • Limit monitoring

  • Transaction reports

  • Flexible access level (maker-checker) as per customers’ needs

  • Customizable widget for ease & convenience access to menus


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