Mandiri Auto Debit

Mandiri Auto Debit

Mandiri Auto Debit is an electronic banking service that provides greater convenience by directly debiting funds from customers, with the auto debit process being based on the consent of the account holder for the direct debiting of payments to your company.

Feature :

  1. Company can be more proactive in collecting payments from customers
  2. The customer is directly debited based on the amount owed
  3. Funds are debited in the same currency
  4. The debiting process can be conducted on an individual or bulk basis

Benefit :

  1. Transactions are easy and quick
  2. Greater flexibility as regards time and place of transactions
  3. Improves collection rate
  4. Provides greater convenience in conducting reconciliation

Terms and Condition :

  1. Company is a customer and has an account with Bank Mandiri
  2. For other requirements and service fees, please contact us on 14000.