Mandiri University

Mandiri University

Bank Mandiri

Mandiri University

Mandiri Corporate University is a working unit at Bank Mandiri that plays an important role in developing employee skills and competencies through various learning and development programs, in order to support Bank Mandiri's success in achieving 3 main targets in 2020-2024 on wholesale banking, SME & micro banking segments, as well as digital retail banking.

Bank Mandiri
Vision, Mission, & The History of MU


The History of MU


To be the Center of Knowledge and Excellence for the financial industry, and to develop the best leaders for the nation.


Our Mission

Mandiri University will bring a transformational impact for organisations and The Republic of Indonesia through the establishment of an innovative and sustainable learning culture by:

  • Aligning the learning system to support Bank Mandiri into achieving organizational goals
  • Developing the best leaders who provide superior performance to Bank Mandiri
  • Adapting a continuous learning culture in every Mandiri employee

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    Operational Department

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Signature Program

  • Akademi Retail Banking

    • Cluster Business Leader Training Program
    • Regional Strategic Business Leader Program
    • SME Competency Improvement
    • Optimalisasi RMU
    • Business Sales Leader
    • Bisnis Ekosistem
  • Akademi Wholesale Banking

    • Structured Finance
    • Structured Treasury
    • Structured Trade
    • Wholesale Sales Management Program
    • Capital Market & Investment Banking
  • Akademi Digital Banking & IT

    • Digital Literacy
    • Digital Innovation
    • Digital Banking School
    • IT School
    • Backend & Front End Developer Bootcamp
  • Akademi Risk Manajemen

    • ODP Risk School
    • FAL & CLB
    • Audit Talk Series
    • Forum APU PPT
    • Cybercrime in Banking Practices
  • Akademi Human Capital & Finance

    • HC School Foundation Program
    • Sertifikasi Competency Based Interview (CBI)
    • Competency Management
    • Customer Profitability Analysis (CPA)
    • Change Management
    • Think Like A Strategy Consultant
  • Akademi Operation

    • Operation Management
    • Banking Operation School
    • Property Appraiser Basic Education (PDP 1 & 2 )
    • Rapid Improvement
    • Effective Complaint Handling & Service Recovery
  • Departemen Leadership & Menejerial

    • Top Talent Development Program (MASLP, MALP, MAFLP, Women Leadership Program)
    • Strategic Business Leader untuk L3 (Kantor Pusat)
    • Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship Program
    • ODP/SDP
    • Mandiri People Manager

Mandiri University

(Kampus Wijayakusuma & Kampus Regional)

The Wijayakusuma Campus is operated in 3 stages, which currently being carried out partially and will then be fully operating in mid-2024. When its fully operating, this campus will operate with various learning support technologies, including:

  • 6 Regular Classrooms with Multimode Learning Delivery (Virtual, Hybrid & Metaverse
  • 1 Virtual Studio equipped with Studio Green Screen
  • 1 Mini Branch for Smart Branch Mock Up
  • 1 Virtual Golf Room & 2 Spots for Mini Putt Golf
  • 2 Digital Floor Directories & Timetable at the Lobby
  • 2 Mini Digital Floor Directories at the 2nd Floor
  • Interactive Classroom with Videotron & Digital Podium
  • 5 Facilitator Stations with iMac connected to Digital Panel
  • Digital Attendance using In-Class Tablet 10 Oculus Quest VR Tools
  • Segways

Mandiri University

Jl. Tanah Abang Timur No. 11
Gambir. Jakarta Pusat, 10110
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